Need help formatting embedded Google sheet

Hi - could anyone advise how to format embedded google sheets? Currently my sheet is looking very small and I’d like it to take up most of the page it’s on? Changing the size of the “HTML Embed” space it’s in doesn’t seem to change anything.


Google is providing an iframe. You can add attributes to it to get the effect you want.


Thank you, this indeed looks like it’ll solve my problem. Could you advise how to make use of this though? I’m new to “coding” so not really sure where to start!

Look at width and height. You did not share your project. I don’t know what you want to do. If the embed is inside a div with dimensions and you want it to be responsive, set the width to 100%.

See below

My question is where do I change the width here? Should I do this directly in the code that I pasted?

Also, what if I want to remove the top header “Untitled spreadsheet : Sheet1”?

Thanks again

Here is a video that walks you through it.



This is great. Thanks v much for taking the time to do this.

@webdev I have an additional question now that this all works fine… do you know if there’s a way to “filter” the content from the web page directly?

Thinking, if possible, to replicate a filter functionality like this one:

You should look at , you could embed a sheet with sorting, printing, and filtering capabilities.