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Google Sheet Embed size

I need to embed a Google Sheet into my site, but after inserting the code Google gives you to embed (using Webflow Embed), I have no control over the size - it defaults to a tiny square. I can force it by editing the HTML Google gives me but that gets overwritten every-time there’s an amend to the Sheet content. Surely this tiny box isn’t the default and locked like that?

Example here:

Google does not provide any constraints on the embed. You need to add a width setting to the iframe in order to control the width. The normal approach would be to place the embed inside an element that has a max-width defined. Then add `width=“100%” as an attribute of the iframe code you placed in the embed element.

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Many thanks, all sorted now! Only thing I can’t see is any kind of control over scaling - the embedded sheet appears quite ‘zoomed in’ compared to viewing the actual Sheet in Google Docs. Not sure that’s anything I have control over tho.