Lightbox Gallery Layout Adjustment

Hello everyone. Happy holidays and I hope my question isn’t too noob.

My event venue’s website design was outsourced but, unfortunately, the designer is no longer available for help with adjustments.

Our site’s “Locations” page lists our locations. Clicking on any one of them opens a location-specific page with location-specific information. This includes a lightbox gallery.

As currently designed, the lightbox displays all of the images in the gallery, in a single vertical column. When you scroll down the page, you see all of the individual images. Clicking any one of these images opens a media gallery that displays all of the same images. This is a redundancy we would like to correct by having the lightbox gallery only display one image. Preferably, the image could be a left-to-right gallery for the user to click through, or open up the media gallery. This also saves the user from scrolling down the page through so many images.

I can not crack how to make this adjustment and the lightbox explainers I’ve found on YouTube do not address this sort of use-case (so far as I have seen).

How can I make the gallery a single image, that either scrolls through images or leads to the media gallery?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Rentals at Ronin Art House)

Here is my site’s published link: [[LINK][2]] (Rentals at Ronin Art House)