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Need help creating a similar website


I need to design a Wordpress website similar to a company. Can you identify the theme used in this e learning website design. Please suggest me some templates similar to this ASAP.

Riley Cyrus.

Hey Riley,

I had quick look at the source code, but couldn’t find any references to a template. I am guessing this was a custom build into wordpress, but I might be wrong.

As far as templates go, I doubt there is something particularly similar to this, its just a matter of searching the marketplace to see if anything suits.

Have you considered rebuilding something similar in webflow? From a quick look I think this would be an easy re-build?



If you want to make this website like the same, then you have to know about some basic knowledge of coding because it’s not the only template used here. You can see this page " MSL Real estate software development " How beautifully they’re using template and custom HTML, CSS.

Hey Thomas,

Just bought a dental office an absolutely loved the subscription model this company had on Webflow site. Is there a way for you to know what Theme was used on this site?