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Need help changing images in Newport


This is my share link:

I am trying to update the 9 thumbnail images on the home page with no luck. When I edit one of them they ALL change. Not sure what i am doing wrong.

Also, is there a place i can find documentation on the Newport theme?


Since this is a collection list, I assume that on this page you’d like to display the thumbnail images of the Photo collection.

Any content you place into a collection list is repeated for each item. This is why the image is currently the same because for all of them. You need to connect content items to your content fields in the Collection. They they will load with their unique content for each item.

You can find out more about it in the Webflow documentation:

In the case of the image this means:
• double-click on the image (or select the image and then fo to the Settings tab in the right hand panel)
• then tick ‘Get image from Photos’
• select ‘Thumbnail image’
Then the unique thumbnail image for each item will be loaded from the collection.

It works the same for any text elements.

I would not expect there to be a separate documentation for a theme. It’s all Webflow, so referring the WF documentation (and previous questions in the forum) would be the way forward.