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Need help adjusting lightbox image sizes & overflow: hidden settings

Hello all,

I have had my site up for a while now with webflow. The trouble was my site speed with having everything on a large scrolling page that was very image heavy, so I’m splitting up the site into separate pages.

On the “Suit Gallery” page, I want the lightboxes to open up instead of the way I currently have it. I know how to use the lightbox etc,
but how do I make the actual images the same size without stretching, so that they’re uniform in size.

I have played with the max & min settings and the overflow of the div and the lightbox, but I can’t remember how to do it properly. Do I have to use a background image in the div to make it work?

Ignore the mess that the site’s in, it’s all under control… :confused:

Here is my public share link with current edits: LINK
(LIVE WEBSITE without changes here)

Panic is over! Changed the Lightbox link (not the lightbox image) to a maximum height that I wanted and set the overflow to off.

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