Need Freelancer for Customizations

I am looking for a designer to make some modifications to the Helpdesk Template ( which I bought. There is nothing major, it’s mostly about shifting around stuff, colors and some changes in how stuff is displayed.

I need this done asap, and have a budget of $300 - $500. Contact me on here if you can do this. Can pay via Paypal or Bitcoin. Will provide more details on what there is to do then.

Very interested. Just sent you a message.

Hi ! @domsch I can customise it for you . Send me details.


I would be glad to do this for you. I have 10 years web development experience.

I am also sending you a private message.

Teresa :slight_smile:

Hi @domsch,

I can help you! I’ve worked for the company that build that template (Studio Corvus).
You can send me a mail to