Navigation On States

I’m having issues with my page navigation. I’m trying to ad “current” states in my navigation but they only work when I click into that page from the navigation. So when I load the homepage the “current” state isn’t already activated but if I click into profile and then back into homepage then the current state is activated.

Hi @lorentracy

Can you update or re-enable your share link - it shows a 404 at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

I updated the link and also the post. So my issue is trying to have active “current” states in the navigation which works when you click into a page but not if you just land on a page. I figured it out by adding a combo class “onstate” but this doesn’t work when the navigation is a reusable symbol.

Interestingly enough it seems to be working now. Can you confirm that by adding in site linking in the Nav Link Settings window that Webflow automatically adds a “current” class?

Glad it’s working…for the official word on how ‘current’ and other states work, see:

Scroll down and there is a section about ‘Current’