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Navigation finetuning 🙃

Hey there :slight_smile:

I was traying to make a navigation like in this example:
To me it seams that I almost did it but if I scroll the page up to the top sometimes the navigation background won’t disappear (especially when I scroll slowly up) other times (if I scroll fast) it works. I don´t understand the reason and how to fix it perfectly :confused:

Maybe someone could help with my little problem?

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One quick and dirty solution is to use a “While Page is Scrolling” trigger… Select your “Magic Navigation” as the target… set the background color to transparent at 0%… then regular black at 5%…

So at 0% (all the way at the top) the background is invisible… once scrolled a tiny bit down the page it will fill in the background.

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Nice, this works much better :star_struck: I am so happy :grin: thanks a lot :+1:

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