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Drop-Down Menu hidden behind slider

Hey Webflow-Forum,

I just mentioned that my Drop Down Menu (on smaller screen sizes) is not working properly on the start page. For some reason, I cant open it on the start page, but on every other page it is working perfectly fine. In the Webflow preview it’s working fine, but testing it on an “real browser” (Chrome and Firefox) and different devices, it is not working.
Do you guys have any idea whats the issue here?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Interesting, I have had a look around for modals and strange things but cant find any. As you say testing in browser (new edge for me) it works fine but your live link doesnt.

Do a backup and give it a name like before nav messing.
Then mess, say detach from symbol, delete from page, re-add symbol.
If still the same, detach from symbol, add a new nav menu and see if that works etc.

Report back on how you get on.

Hey iDATUS, first of all thanks for looking into this topic and sorry for my delayed respones.
I followed your advice, but the issue is still active. I deleted the whole navbar and placed a “fresh” on from the “Add” Panel and the DropDown was still not working.
Solution: I just rebuild the whole Start page, and for some reasons now it is working perfectly fine, just like on the other sites.

Thanks for the update. Seems a lot of strange clean ups not working at the moment.
At least you can move on.