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Navigation Correction for each page

It has been a while since I have created something from scratch. I am having an issue with my nav bar that’s two-fold

  1. I want the image and name right-aligned and the nav links left-aligned but I cannot for the life of me figure it out

  2. the nav is a symbol but it looks different on each page and I do not know why.

link: Webflow - GatherLV

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An easy way of doing it would be to set the .Container-4 to Flex, with justify Space-Between. Then move the .Nav-Menu above the .Div-Block-4 in the navigator. Set .Nav-Menu Flex Child Order to First, and .Div-Block-4 Flex Child Order to Last:

Edit: I don’t fully understand question #2

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Thank you. I was considering maybe I needed to grid but I’ll try your suggestion.

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The other common approach is to leave everything inline simply float the menu left, and float the image right. Up to you. I personally like using flex when the content lives in a single row.

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