Centering Menu Items in Nav B ar


Need to know how I can center the menu items in my nav bar? Seems like I can get them to go right and left, but not centered over my image? Any help is appreciated.


Hi Mike @mhyusi

I think using Display: Flex (Flexbox) will help.

  1. Change ‘Container 2’ element to ‘Flex’

  2. Align/Justify - Horizontal: Center / Center

  3. Remove margin (30) from ‘Nav Menu’ element

That will center the Nav Links for desktop, however, you will see in the Tablet / Mobile view the ‘Hamburger’ menu icon is not centered.

To correct that issue:

  1. Select ‘Container 2’ (In the 'Tablet View - the changes will cascade down to the mobile view)

  2. Change Flex align to ‘Right’

Hope that helps.

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Awesome solution thank you for the assist. I always forget about the flexbox option.

Thank you again.


No problem. Glad to have helped. :sunglasses:

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