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Navigate through sections without scrolling but fade?

Hey guys, First time posting in forum. :grinning:

I’d like to achieve a type of interaction layouting where you would have multiple sections, but instead of stacking them and using the scroll function to go through them, they would appear and disappear in fade while staying on the same section position while users scroll (or do the swipe gesture on mobile).

Here is a really straightforward example of what I’m looking to achieve : Ankoku Toshi Jutsu

I tried having different sections ready and playing with Page Trigger “While page is scrolling” Interaction, to then switch between display :block and display:None, as well as opacity to hide the first section and show the second one…

The Issue is that the “While page is scrolling” interaction is looking for an actual scrollable page to work.

So I suppose I need custom codes ?
Any tips on how to achieve it would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance !