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Navbar works on Safari but NOT on Chrome?

Hey guys,

I have the weirdest thing happening to my navbar on mobile.

So on Safari, the nav menu slides in nicely from the right.

BUT on Chrome, it just “Jumps” open…

I’ve asked a couple of people and some of them said that they didn’t have that issue but others said they did…

Unfortunately, I can’t share a video to show you what I mean, but you can try it out yourself if you want.

Does this happen to others as well?

Is this a bug from Webflow or something? Is there a way to fix this so that I don’t get that weird
“Jump” on Chrome?


Probably not much help, but for me it’s smooth in both Safari and Chrome, desktop, Mac OS Catalina. Menu slides out fine with no ‘jump’.

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Thanks for checking out!

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