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Navbar symbol changed and cannot place on page canvas

Hi, I have a navbar symbol that is across several pages but is missing from some. I want to add it in but it says I can only add into a navbar widget?? This is not possible as navbar symbol is completely self-contained…

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, thanks for the additional report. Could you please share the read-only link to the site:

Also, what is the name of your navbar symbol, what page are you trying to add it, and in what position are you trying to add the navbar, at the top of page under body?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dave,

Yes I’m trying to add into several pages (all accessed via home page for samples of work in categories) under Body.

Name is ‘Navbar New’

read only:>

Thanks @dzgraphicdesign, I am taking a look.

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, it looks as if the Navbar in the symbol you are trying to add, has somehow had it’s structure changed, and now the navbar in the symbol no longer has a parent Navbar element.

Take a peek:

In my video, I show how to re-use the content you have already created to create a new navbar which should fix the problem. Unfortunately, you will need to go to every page having the old navbar and replace that with the new navbar symbol.

I hope this helps.

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OK no worries. Thank you for finding the problem and making this vid for me…

Hi Dave, once I have recreated new navbar will it be easy to add to pages that are missing one?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, yes, it should work with no issues as the new Navbar will have a valid Root element. I think somehow the old Navbar got changed, but was changed only after those existing navbars were already placed on the page.

Recreating the navbar will fix it and navbar symbol should have no issues being added to pages

Thanks for your help Dave. I’ve changed navbar as per your advice.

Only thing now is I still can’t access burger menu items.

I click ‘Open Menu’ but don’t see anything?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, in the new menu, did you delete the menu toggle ? I just took a look at the site and in the navbar I am unable to locate the menu toggle.

The navbar is a scripted widget, so by deleting the menu toggle, this will break the menu and the menu will need to be recreated again.

No I didn’t delete anything individually. I only deleted the old symbol and the container as per instruction…

I don’t think it every had a toggle??

Hi, @dzgraphicdesign,

I apologize for the confusion, I can do better than that. I checked further and there is an interaction that is opening the Full Page Menu div:

The Full Page Menu has a display setting of none, so to show/hide that, set the display to block while editing and back to none when done:

Does this help?

sorry, how do I get that to appear in settings? I can only get ‘Burger menu’ to appear for class.

And I’ve selected the interaction as advised. (Please excuse my basic skills re this. I’m learning tho!)

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, do you mean, how to show the Full Page Menu? What page is that you are displaying?

Hi Dave, it’s the contact page. Should I go from home as per your example?

I can’t seem to show the ‘Full page’ under classes menu

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, take peek, is this what you are trying to access?

Let me know if that helps.

OK still no luck. I don’t see what you see. Also, from all my clicking my menu items have now disappeared. Sorry : /

when I click on the ‘block’ option as advised that menu doesn’t appear for me for some reason…