Navbar - Switch to mobile based on content, not breakpoint


I have a Navbar which has quite a lot of long words in it.

(Please note…I’ve explained to the client again and again the problems with this, but to no avail!)

This means the Navbar content is too long at some of the pixel widths just before I hit the Tablet breakpoint.

I can switch the Navbar to Burger menu from Tablet breakpoint down in the Settings of course, but can I trigger the Navbar to go to Burger based on when the content becomes too wide for the screen?

Responsive development is breakpoint based, so you can’t actually do it purely based on content.

That being said - from what you’re describing, it seems like what you need is a custom breakpoint setting so that it switches down sooner than it currently is.

Could you share a read only? I can suggest a workaround.