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Activate mobile nav on base breakpoint

I have a client website where the navigation on smaller desktop screen sizes stack on each other. Beacuse the new breakpoints are not applied to the menu icon switch I still can’t set it to show the mobile nav on the smaller desktop sizes. Only for desktop and all sizes above.
However I want it to be activated on 1280px up.

It’s a pity that this was not part of the breakpoint update.

Anyone has an idea to fix this issue?


Hey there @Yatsuba! Not sure if this is the best solution but, what you can do is have 2 nav bars.

Set 1 of the nav bars to show upto 1280px and the other not. Then use the display none settings on larger breakpoints whichever you dont want to show.

Hi Denny,

thank you for your input. Not the ideal solution as you also noted. This comes with extra code which in my opnion shouldn’t be needed. But if there is no other option I will give this a try.


True, it is kind of redundant to have 2 navbars. Another option is ofcourse to build your own nav bar with its own breakpoints, you should be able to do this relatively easily. Never a fan of the built in one to be honest.