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NavBar submenu issue imossible to modify the name

on my Navbar, “deontologie” button, impossible to modify the last button in submenu in order to change the name.
I don’t understand why.

it’s terrible from the time I finished to setting the sub links I can’t make change of text anymore.

I took a peek and it looks like the hover color is making it a bit hard to see the text, however I was able to select and edit it just fine:


Since your links are nested within a Symbol, you’ll need to double click to start editing the content, then double click to enter the Link Block element, and finally double click a third time (or drag select) to highlight the text within it.

To make it a bit easier to see the text inside, I’d edit the hover state of the Link Block to also change the text color to something lighter:

Hi Mikeyeven,

Thanks for your help but it seem you didn’t answer to my question. The problem is about editing submenu’s text in “deontologie” dropdown button.

My apologies, I must have misread your question :grimacing:

This is a situation where manually overriding the display properties of the dropdown menu makes it much easier to edit the sub-links themselves.

After clicking into the navigation Symbol, select the Dropdown List element in the Navigator panel and change it to display: block, modify the list as needed, then clear the style from the element once your finished updating things:

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Hi mikeyevin,

Yes it works well. Thank you very much. :wink:

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