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Navbar - Logo leftmost - Navigation rightmost

Hi Guys,

i want my Company Logo on the leftmost side and my Navigation on the rightmost.
Is there any possibility to make that happen?

Best Wishes,


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Pulling a nav bar into your site sets it up that way by default. Have you tried that?

yes of course!
But i want my Navbar elements like this:
As you can see the Logo is at the leftmost and the Navigation sections are at the rightmost.

Just remove the navbar elements outside the container will do the trick and then you can delete the container.

Ah, without the example, I didn’t know you meant the far left and far right of the browser window. One never knows how new someone is to webflow, nor how simple to make a suggestion. :slight_smile:

@Joscreative’s suggestion is correct. The default container is constraining your navigation to a centered area. Get rid of the container, and the nav bar will fill the width of the browser.

Good luck!

it worked just fine! thank you guys!:yum:

Edit: If i scale the window now to smartphoneview i dont get the Menubar i had befor :frowning:
what should i do to change that? :slight_smile:

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