Navbar logo incorrect linking

Hi all,

I’m stuck on two elements for my site:

  1. When you go to the homepage, either from Google search, or click the NavBar logo to go back to the homepage - it always drops to the Join Us section at the bottom of the homepage. Ive explored the settings in the Join Us Section, Container, Join Us Container and so on and can’t find the error I made.

  2. On the mobile version, I have a Contact Form at the bottom, with simply an email capture. It is not clickable on a mobile device, but works on the desktop versions. I cant see why it would be different and how to get it usable?

Thanks in advance, feels like hours into trying to solve!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Syncing Minds

Alright. I think it’s likely an issue with the link settings or HTML structure. Make sure the link in your NavBar logo is set to the homepage URL without any additional anchors or fragments that might be causing it to jump to the ‘Join Us’ section.

As for the unclickable contact form on mobile, I think this could be a responsive design issue. It might be related to CSS styles that only apply to mobile views, or possibly a JavaScript conflict affecting touch interactions on mobile devices. Check your CSS for any media queries that change the form’s properties on mobile screens, and review any JavaScript that could be interfering with touch events.

When looking for more info, I stumbled upon this tutorial. Might be helpful to look through it.

Well, hope this helps somehow! Cheers.

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