Navbar link Keep "Current" status when browsing ecommerce different sections

To @PixelGeek :slight_smile:

I’m having problems trying to link a navbar link from the navmenu to a template collections.

for an ecommerce, when I create the nav menu, and link to the collection when you click on the navbar link that says “Tienda online” (online store), the navbar link take you to the categories collection template where you have all your products, and that navbar link is showing know as “current” with the text in bold style, indicating the user that they are on the online store. But when I keep navigeting throu the online store and I click on a product, it takes me to another collection (the product template) and the navbar link stop showing as current and the text goes back to thin.

Is there any way to solve this so we can indicate the the product template is a chid of the category and so the navbar link stays as “current” and the text keeps showing bold as they still are navigating inside the online store.

Thank you!

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