Navbar is not responsive?

The “logo wrapper” and “brand” aren’t centered/“shrinked” but the shrink if possible is on

You have given the logo a certain size under Image Settigns.
You should delete this first, height and width.
Then under Size also delete the 70px and 100% width.

Afterwards you only give the logo a height of 50px under Size.

Then everything should fit.

appreciate the help, but that’s not it

I mean, the “brand” (link) is too wide. It should only be as wide as it’s child image itself.

Your problem is this:
Go to Logo Wrapper, then right under Flex Child Settings, select the icon |X|. Then you delete 97px from the margin.

You don’t need PAge Wrapper, delete it.
Nav Bar is not absolutely under Positon, but Fixed.
All Child from the Nav Bar from static

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it was the div block the navbar was a child to in the first place!

i see what you’re saying

but how do you make the navbar automatically size down so that mobile view navbar and desktop navbar look the same

mobile navbar is just scaled down to size without losing anything

in the mobile version, you still crope the the logo.
go the picture settings, that is the small wheel when you select the logo.
Delate the settings, than give it a hight unter size


how can I make my navbar look like this in mobile

notice how nothing disappears, the search glass stays there

this site is really wired. i was not able to fix it.
I would design it from the scratch.

Do you need a shop site? What is your plan to design.
Do you take a look at the university videos?

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