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Navbar and logo

Hey guys,
i am new on Webflow. On the central breakpoint my navbar is ok, but in bigger desktops the logo is bigger and i cannot edit it. what happens in your opinion??
Furthermore, is it possible to change the colour of the link when you pass through with the mouse?
Link is

many thanks

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On the first breakpoint for larger screens, you set your image height for all images to 400px.
See here:

Now this logo inherits the 400px height. To fix this you can either change the “All Images” height to Auto or change your Image 10 height to 83px (as you’ve done for other formats).

In general I would advise against setting styles on: Body, All Images, All Headings, etc…

Thank you!
But why in the normal desktop i have set height to “auto” and in the others it is different?
now i set it to 83 px and it is better, but i just would like to have a normal navbar which fits in all breakpoints automatically

If you want that, then follow these step (use my screenshot as reference):

  1. Select the image
  2. click on 3 selectors beside inheriting
  3. select All Images
  4. click on the blue highlighted Height
  5. click on the reset button that shows up.
    (6. maybe do the same for the Width even if it doesent change anything)

And then your navbar will work as normal :wink:

Ok thanks!
just another question… if i don’t want links in the navbar changing their colour when I select them with the mouse, what should i do?

I think you need to set the color of the link in every page.
For example
in Contact, you set the navbar Contact text color to White
in Download, you set the navbar Download text color to White

i do not find the setting to change the text colour. it seems to be already correct…

Anyway, i have another question if you can help.
Why when i use lightboxes and put the image to be opened, when i click on it i cannot see my image? or, i can see it only if i return to the top of the page… really do not understand. i created another website with Webflow and did not have this problem…
Thanks for helping :slight_smile: