Navbar is getting cut off in preview mode. Please help?

Hello everyone, I am new to Webflow and I’m looking for some advice on my site.

I am trying to add a margin to my Navmenu (only in mobile versions of site) in order to move it to the left. However, when I add the margin, the view of the Navmenu cuts off once the NavMenu button is pressed. I’ll show some photos below for example.

First, here is the NavMenu shown with 0 left margin.

Next, here is the NavMenu in the editor with a negative left margin, showing where the margin is. It seems that the left margin covers up the NavMenu itself:

When I use preview to press the NavMenu button in the top left corner to trigger the menu to drop down, the part that appears under the margin in the previous photo is not visible:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to check it out!