Portion of drop down nav menu is cut off

Hi-- a portion of my dropdown navigation menu (appears on tablet and smaller) is being cut off. I checked numerous times and it doesn’t appear that a width is set for any item in the element, so I am unsure why this is happening. Please help!


Hi @Hiltzik_Creative - I’d take a look at the ‘Content Wrapper Inner Nav’ and the two classes above (navbar/content wrapper nav) - this seems to be the cut off point when in the preview mode and what’s causing your issue.

I believe because your ‘Navbarwhite’ is set to a flex box and you’ve told it to be vertically and horizontally centered, it’s just squished those top elements to be centered (+ the 40px padding).

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I’m not sure why you have a navbar in two containers. Just put it outside, make it a symbol and not like before, make him a border instead of the container, and set the container with the class “Content Wrapper Inner Nav” to flex to center the nav button. Then you can style the nav menu how you like.

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