Navbar hover interactions


I am having a issue with my custom navbar. currently i can get the contents to show when i hover over the interaction link, the issue i am having is when I try to hover over the content in the navbar it disappears.

I want the nav bar to stay open so I am able to click on the inside contents , and I want it to disappear when i am no longer hovering over the “shop” link or in contents inside the custom nav bar.

Have you got an example of this working in real life? On another site?
Having part of the UI only visible on Hover is not great… what if people are using a keyboard to navigate?


I redesigned it last night i think it works now. Below is where I left off in the project, I think it will also work while using a keyboard.

If you have any input that will be helpful too thank you.

@Jonathan_Holden I didnt mention you in the above message sorry