Navbar component doesn't work on other pages

Hello community,

Hoping someone can help me. I hired a freelancer to create an animated menu for my site: The navbar he created is a component. However, when I drag the globalvariables component he created and the navbar component he created to the other pages, the navbar doesn’t seem to work. E.g.: Shop
Check out this copy of the homepage I created. Yes, the navbar doesn’t even work if I try and make a copy of the working home page:

Am I missing something? I can’t believe a copy of the home page the navbar doesn’t even work.

I’m still in the learning phase of Webflow so if anyone jumps in to help me, please provide details on exactly where I need to go to fix this.
Most importantly, I need to get the navbar working on my products template page:

I’m hoping this is a quick and easy fix that I’m overlooking.

When I load the Developer Tools window in Chrome on the non-working pages, I see this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'left')
    at moveShape (test:464:35)
    at test:424:1

Here are the components the developer created:

I’m hoping that me telling all of you that creating a copy of the working home page and the navbar still not working will indicate to you what exactly is wrong.

Hello everyone, I resolved this issue. The animated background only showed up once I linked the menu items (rolling eyes).