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Navbar Branding Logo

Hi all

Very much a beginner on my first project and in need of a little help please…

I have added a Navbar and made it a symbol. I added a temporary logo, but when I adjust the size to suit the mobile views it is also adjusted in the Tablet and Desktop views. From the Webflow University trainings (which are awesome) these adjustments should flow down and not up, so I am a little confused.

Thanks in advance…

Here is my site Read-Only: Link

Hey @albertcjans,

Welcome to Webflow :smiley:

Is there a live working example that you can show me of how you want the navbar to display? Currently, in tablet and mobile view, the navbar opens from the right side. Is this correct?


Hi Naweed

Thank you for answering my help request.

As a I am new to Webflow I am trying different things and the navbar opening from the right maybe the last setting I tried.

My challenge is, when I adjust the size of the owl in mobile view it also adjusts in tablet and desktop view. Adjusting the heading block with the words, “Ecom University” in mobile view does not affect the same in tablet or desktop view.

I created a share link:

Thank you


Hi @albertcjans

Try setting the size in the styles panel and not the settings panel.


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help Nelson, much appreciated…