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NavBar at the Bottom - Not working on mobile

I have seen a few posts and online tutorials for g etting the Navbar to sit at the bottom of the page. They use position fixed with bottom:0.

That works great on Desktop however the menu button is broken on Tablet/Mobile. I think that the menu is “dropping down” below the fold.

Does anyone have a solution for a bottom navbar that lets the menu expand Up the page?

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Start by sharing your read only link :slight_smile:

I have haven’t I? Click “LINK”

With the Menu Button selected, go to Element Settings > Navbar Settings and change the Menu Type from Dropdown to Over Right. This will make the menu slide in from the right.
If you want it sliding up from the bottom you will need to add custom show/hide functionality - there is a tutorial on the Webflow YouTube channel.

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I definetly want to get it to slode up from bottom so thank you