Navbar animation only works once

Hi all,

I have been working on a website for a client that uses 2 navbars. The transparent navbar shows first, then the opaque navbar shows once you scroll. It should repeat each time you scroll from the top down. This was working fine throughout the design process, but now for some reason, the animation only works one time. The strangest part is on the About page, the animation still works continuously. I have no idea how I’ve achieved this mess but if anyone could shed some light as to why the animation has now decided to not work it would help me massively.

Here it is working on the About page

Here it is not working on the Home page


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Fixed it. For anyone with the same unexplainable problem, all I did was change the trigger div block to a new div block (exactly the same class, just created a new block). It was clearly a bug that just needed the equivalent of turning it on and off again :smile: