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NAV menu wont open second time in mobile - Please HELP!

so when i go to mobile breakpoint ( Starting from tablet )
for some odd reason, the navigation menu opens once
but when i press on it again … it wont open
i tried everything
nothing seems to work

" a pixel geek classic " XD

Here is my site Read-Only:
[1]: http://

if you delete you social navbar it works.
also if you double click fast it sometimes pops open.
my guess its being overlaid or something.

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thank you for the response
but its very weird,
i tried many things even played with the “z” values
still the same problem
so frustrated

If you change to drop down over it works.
I will have a little more play with it.

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I just dont think you can have two nav menu’s open at the same time.
So I got the same effect you want by moving the 3 link blocks (social icons) into the Nav Links Wrapper 1
and then move them to the top.
I then removed the Nav Social Links Wrapper
If happy tick heart and solution.

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OMG !!! I cant thank you enough
you the man, you made my week man :crazy_face: !!!

Solved by : moving the social link wrapper into the normal link wrapper
( i had two div’s inside the Navbar - one for page links and the other for social links )
then i deleted the empty link wrapper

appears that you cant have two navs open at the same time !!!

Brilliant your happy.
And thanks for marking, makes things tidier in the forum.