Menu Button Not Opening Anything

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a site and it’s my first webflow site. For some reason, the menu button on mobile and tablet won’t open anything when you click on it. I’ve tried the other tips I’ve seen in the forum but nothing seems to be working.

Here’s the read-only link:

Any ideas?


I think I fixed the problem :slight_smile:

  • Set the “Navbar 4” to “position: relative” & set its z-index to 1
  • Pop out the menu in the designer and set the “Nav Menu Main” to “position: relative” and set its z-index to a higher value than the Navbar

Thank you so much!

Do you happen to know why the icon disappears when opening the mobile menu on the tablet and below? Once you click on the menu it now opens but the black icon with three lines disappears.


try re-setting the color of the icon after opening the menu. I think it inherited the white color from somewhere, even though it says that it’s set at “#333”.

That worked! Thank you so much, I appreciate you and your help!

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