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Nav menu weird effects

Hi i have 2 nav menus on my page. But i get this random effect when switching between the 2. Basically if i am in mobile view and open both menus and i switch back to web view the second nav menu gets stuck on the first.

Here is my preview link. It’s the pros page.


Not sure what you’re referring to. Can you post a screencast ( or a gif?

Hi @thesergie, sorry for the quality of the gif. But basically i have 2 nav bars. The main one fixed on the top and the search/filter nav bar.

  1. Browser is in full view.
  2. I resize it to mobile view ( make it smaller)
  3. Open search/filter menu, then close it.
  4. Open main menu, then close it.
  5. Resize the browser back to max.
  6. search/filter menu gets stuck in main menu

It’s weird, for sure. I think the reason you’re encountering it, though, is you’re doing something that would never actually happen in use.

Web developers are the only people on the planet who resize browser windows…

i have this issue also. exact same steps.
open the popup menu, resize back to full screen. Then my second menu (hidden until scroll past the hero section) gets added below the fixed menu bar. Then the logo gets added below that again (which ends up in the middle of the page)

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