Menu Dropdowns work on preview but not when published

My top nav menu is not working correctly when published. When I preview it, the nav items appear in the correct place and when you hover over a nav item with a dropdown menu, the menu opens. When I published the site, I discovered that the navigation appears down too low and the menus do not open when hovered over. See attached screencast for a demonstration of the preview vs the published site.

Can you please also add your read-only link to your post so we can take a closer look into it?

Oops, here is the read-only link:

I have been able to get the dropdowns to work, but now I have too much white space at the top. I have tried setting a height, but that just cuts the white box off in the middle of the words and does not move them up.

Hi @mikala

I noticed that you have a dropdown menu widget inside of a anchor block named “navItem”.

You’ll need to move the “Dropdown” outside of the each “navItem”

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

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