Nav menu hidden or shown with scroll bar

I’m new and I’m taking “21 day design portfolio” course and I’m having issues with nav bar menu in tablet. Unfortunately the course mentions an option “open menu” that doesn’t exist anymore, I try to see the menu using “Show” menu and is shown but with a scroll bar because it won’t open over the next section, and even if I scroll I can’t see it entirely, like it’s expanded but in its own area, I’ve cloned the course’s project and I can’t find what’s different between my version and theirs.

Thanks in advance.

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The issue is with the Navbar element, which has an overflow of auto. Which needs to be switched to visible. The menu is opening inside the navigation pane and the Navbar isn’t just scrolling instead of expanding with the open menu…

Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 4.38.55 pm