Nav Menu Button Behavior

Hello all! I am working on a website design, and I am having some difficulty with the nav button behavior on tablet, and mobile phone. Currently my site’s color scheme primarily includes this green color as an accent, and I have the button styled with that same green. The problem is that when you press it on mobile, the button turns orange (I want it to stay green when pressed.)

I have already checked through the button states, and made sure that green is selected as the background color for that class for all states (hover, pressed, focused, etc.)

I have also checked through the element trigger settings and animations in the header. I found the animation that changes the button shape to an “x” inside, but it doesn’t include anything about changing the color.

Right now I’m at a loss for why the button changes to orange when you press it. My best guess is that it has something to do with the original template I used, since orange was the primary color on the template. I would appreciate any help on configuring the button to just stay green when pressed!

Button Normal

Button when Pressed

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