Help needed with a template - Changing the Button colour doesn't work

Hey folks, I’m working on a simple display site. It has a few buttons which originally have a light see through orange colour on them. I want to turn it into solid orange however when I do it using the editor it changes it but when I test the site it still has the old colours. What can I do?

It is the discover button on the front page. See how its orange when you run the link however when u test it it goes back to the old colour.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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So webflow interactions are made with Jquery. In the designer, you can’t see the effects with Jquery until you actually click the eye to preview the site, or until you publish it.

When something is set as an inital state in the interaction (in your case, it is a hover), it will override what you see in the designer.

You can change the interaction color to change the color.

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