Nav Menu animations are not publishing correctly

Hi everyone. I’m having some trouble figuring out the animation triggers in my template. This 2 minute video best describes the issue(s) I’m having.

Thanks in advance to anyone with insights!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - MM V2
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Hi @wahsneg, thanks so much for the post, I am here to help.

I took a look and could see some changes to the nav bar plus the mobile menu, I summarize those suggested changes in a video I made, see here: Screen Recording 2021-08-26...

The gap between the bottom of the dropdown toggle and the dropdown list triggers the hover out interaction, so I would make that dropdown toggle with enough height to eliminate the gap.

On the space in the mobile menu, the link with the space is having a grid style with a 1 column and 11 row span, so I would change the row span to 1 instead of 11.

I hope this helps!

Dave, you’re the man! Thanks for the help.

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