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Landing page autofocusing to Form field

Hi All,

i’ve published my clients landing page site and when it loads it goes to a section further down instead of the hero section can someone tell me what i di wrong here and how to what would be the solution here

This is the link to the site or



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

No it seems alright. maybe you’re refreshing your page with a #link added to the url because yoiu previosly clicked on an anchor.

Hi VIncent

so when it loads on your end, it loads on the hero section and not on the team?

Hi @Chris_Young_CYD, thanks for your post. It is hard to tell without providing the read only link to the site:, however it looks like you have the “Autofocus” checkbox enabled on the form field in the page, which causes the page to load at the form, not the top of the page.

To disable this, edit your form field settings and uncheck the Autofocus checkbox.

Learn more here:

After disabling the Autofocus checkbox, republish the site.

I hope this helps

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