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Nav link glitchy on mobile

my site is glitchy on mobile

Nav bar and site doesnt fit in mobile window (have to pinch screen to get it to fit)

enter link description here

here is the webflow link

nav link also disappears on Details before i can navigate and click onto submenu links

Hi @john2, thanks for the post. It seems there is some overflow on the Footer symbol. I would suggest to first edit the Footer symbol, select the Footer class, and set the overflow to hidden on tablet and mobile views to remove the overflow, and then check again :slight_smile:

The nav link issue is due to the dropdown being placed in the mobile menu, and the link mobile link seems to be getting triggered. I am checking this out further :wink:

I hope that helps, cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave that helped a ton, however I’m still having an issue with the nav bar on mobile not fitting in the window still. How do I apply the same fix if there is no overflow on nav bar?

Hey @john2, thanks for the update. May I ask what mobile phone you have? That will help :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Android and iphone tests show the same glitchy navbar that wont fit in the screen.

Thanks Dave

Hi @john2, sorry for my late reply. I was checking the navbar on different devices to see how that fit in the display, here are my results:

iPhone 6:

iPhone 5

Windows Phone - Lumia 930

Android 4.4 - Samsung S5

It seems that they all look ok to me, is this still a problem? On the dropdown in the navbar, I would make sure that the dropdown is given a higher z-index value than all the other items on the page, including the Navbar itself, so that when menu items are pressed, the dropdown menu can be clicked/pressed. I hope this helps, let me know :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave