Nav Line interaction

Does anybody have thoughts about how to implement such interactionnav%20bar%20interraction ?
That interaction will only be when the user clicks on the page they want to navigate to.
I suppose in this case I need to use custom code only. And I need a timeout for the redirect

Can You post the link to the site that uses that interaction?

It is designed in marvel, so I couldn’t show it.
The task changed by the client. Need this interaction only on hover. I’ve done it - but not enough. I also need to draw the line through it when on the page itself like standart function in Webflow when Current Link.
Read-only link - Besides there is another problem. For example when word “Contact” will be “Shipped products”. There are more symbols so we need the width of the line wider. I’ve tried to add an interaction for the change of the size but it doesn’t work properly.