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Nav Interaction Problem

Hey, I am new to webflow and building website in general, I used interactions for the first time today to try and make a little nav hamburger menu for my site.

Im having an issue with the text on it, its easier to show you rather than explain it…

any help would be appreciated!


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You’re off to a good start! :slight_smile: Can you post your read-only link so members of the forum can take a closer look at this behavior?

thanks! yeh sure,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Your div Nav_text_bar is being resized by the interaction. Because of this, the contents of that div are knocked down to the next line because there’s not enough room in the div until it fully expands.

Perhaps set your Nav div to Overflow: Hidden and change the interaction to move from the right. It’ll achieve the same effect without forcing the contents to a new line. :sunglasses:

Yes that seems to work better although still not perfect. I am trying to replicate this:

you can see how the text does not move but is more unveiled, which I think looks smoother.

heres my updated read only link:

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