Nav Dropdown - connect to Collection?


I’m still pretty new to Webflow but was hoping someone could advise.

In terms of a Nav dropdown, how on earth do I:

(1) From the top main nav link (the primary link), how to link this to a page (see image, where all I simply want to do is link ‘Case Studies’ to a Case Studies gallery page I have created.

(2) get the sub-links (drop-downs) to autogenerate based on each Collection item (to Case Studies Collection) their Title & corresponding URL link?

(In image in pink explanation box I mean “How to link to main Case Study gallery page I’ve created”. In yellow box explanation I mean “How to autogenerate each Case Studies page as a link with corresponding title from Case Studies Collection”?)

Also I’ve made my Nav bar a symbol so not sure if this changes anything?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


hi @steessex approach is very simple. You need add WF dropdown element and inside dropdown list add CSM collection and for collection item add a link pointed to current event and text of link take from you field as name or title etc. here is a short video how to

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Hey @Stan. Many, many thanks for taking the time to video how to do this. Very much appreciated. You’re a star. Thank you Stephen

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Hey @Stan, I’ve successfully now managed to create the dropdown from the Collection. The only thing I wanted to ask, considering my nav dropdowns on rollover, how could I also make the actual main Dropdown nav item link to my Case Study gallery page. So in your example, how could you place a top link across the top of the ‘Dropdown’?

HI @steessex I don’t understand what you trying to achieve

Sorry @Stan, I’m not the best at explaining myself, but see image. I’d like to know how to also make the top nav item to link to another page aswell (so in mine, I want to give them 2 options, (1 - DONE) select the individual link to each page, which I have now done thanks to you via the various dropdown links, and (2 - TO DO) make a link from the main nav item to another page (which will basically be a gallery view of all the collection items).

Hi @steessex so you trying on one click open dropdown to be able choose some link but on another site also open other page. Think about that. :wink: This is what you don’t want to do at all !!!

So on mine @Stan I have the drop-down on rollover, but want the option to click the top nav aswell. If you notice my other site (which is what I’m replicating in Webflow… this ones in Drupal), notice the ‘CASE STUDIES’, notice you can rollover to get individual article links, or click on the ‘CASE STUDIES’ to go to the gallery. Hope this makes sense.

hi @steessex so you opening menu on hover then just add link to dropdown toggle

CleanShot 2021-08-13 at 16.30.59

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@Stan sorry to ask again, but I’m still having a minor issue with this.

I’ve done what you’ve said and added a link, and to make straightforward/easy, I’ve just copied the ‘Home’ link so it should be the same, but for some reason the ‘Style’ of the text is slightly larger, even though it’s exactly the same Selector and ‘Typography’ settings are all the same. Notice attached image which tries to demonstrate this. Any ideas of how to fix the size issue?

(So obviously the intention is change the ‘HOME’ text to ‘CASE STUDIES’ which is easy).

And this image demonstrates what the dropdowns looked like before I added a link.

sorry @steessex but this request is not related to original topic please keep forum tidy so another users find an answer for their questions easily.

Okay. Good point. I’ll create another topic.

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