Nav component showing on all pages but one

Finally have to farm this one out. I have a top nav component on every page that works fine on all but one - Hanford RX. It shows fine as I’m working, but then when I toggle preview it goes away and leaves a light grey rectangle (background is white). The links on the nav work, but you can’t see them. From what I can tell all style selectors are the same on eery page, z is fine, I’ve replaced the component, I can’t even remember all the troubleshooting I’ve tried.

Help please!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

hi @EDamon firstly you have broken custom code you need to fix as it shows when page loads. This may or may not be reason for another issue when navigation magically appear when you scroll page halfway down to horizontal scroll. First fix your custom code and revisit result.

Thank you I completely forgot about that custom code so that answers one mystery - I removed that but unfortunately my problem persists.

hi @EDamon I went trough almost every file :shushing_face: and I have found you have on your track > camera > frame assigned animation nav-bar-disappear. This should be your issue. I can’t find this on purely-Purees.

That’s it!! You’re a lifesaver thank you!! I knew I was going to get myself into trouble with animations. I got rid of that and the nav is fine now.