Nav blending (difference) effecting cart/cart container

Hi Webflowers.

I have a blending of difference on my nav for when my menu opens the colours invert. However the blending is bleading over into my cart, and when I open the cart the colours are inverted as well as the background transparent.

I have tried to contact webflow about this but they haven’t helped and suggested I ask the community.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to negate this issue so the blending is only applied to the nav and not the cart. Ive so far tried applying different blending to the cart container with no luck. I also ideally dont want to break the structure of my nav for example taking the cart button out of the nav setting it to sticky & posistion absolute as its just a bit of a head ache.

Custom code would be ideal. But if anyone has literally any sollutions I would be really happy :smiley:



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