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Nav bar trouble, can't add nav links

I deleted all of the original Nav links in the nav bar because they were all drop downs and I don’t need drop downs but couldn’t figure out how to change them. So now I have none and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add Nav links to the nav bar. Nothing is working.

I’m not going to revert to a previous backup because it took me forever to get to this point. HELP!!

Place a new Navbar from the Add menu, anywhere.
Copy the Nav Menu element. Paste it in your navbar at the same place and edit from there.

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What do you mean by Nav Menu element? I’m not sure what to copy

the element inside of a Navbar called Nav Menu. That’s the one you had mistakenly deleted.

Never mind I started the whole thing from scratch.

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Starting a Navbar from scratch is never a bad idea. You get to learn how it works and it’s quick to redo.

I started the whole site from scratch. Too many bugs. I have a better idea of what I’m doing now so it’s easier

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It’s often like this is you start fiddling too much with an element. I do that myself, when I finally get what I want, like a whole section, I redo it from scratch with new classnames underneath, but this time very clean as I know exactly what works. Then I delete the original section and go clean unused classes. Self cleaning that way.