Nav bar transparent over header image?

Hello all,

New Webflow user and first time poster here.

I have a site - Webflow - PA 1

I’d like to replicate the nav bar animation as is seen on this site -

So transparent over the header image and as one scrolls down the page the nav becomes a solid colour.

I’ve searched a lot of the resources (all related seem to be years out of date) and been few quite a few tutorials but I find myself stuck!

Any help or sign-posting to help would be much appreciated.

Warm wishes,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You have your Nav set at Sticky. It needs to be fixed. Then just add a scroll animation to the nav where the bg starts off as transparent and then at like 2% it goes to white. Do the same with with the text color.

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By same with text, I mean have the text start off at white and at 2% it goes to black.

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You sir, are amazing! Thank you, I got it to work fairly quickly.