Nav bar phone alignment out

Hi Everyone,

I have created a site with a dropdown nav using the built in nav. When the dropdown is activated, the nav menu covers the full page.
On the phone view, the navbar looks perfect, but when I go on my actual phone the hamburger is centered instead of aligned to the right.
What am I doing wrong? I have no idea what to do because I can’t even inspect on my computer because it looks fine.

I have attached a copy of the pc responsive view and on my actual phone to compare.

Thank you in advance.

Also, if you do test on the read only link, please go to the about us page because that’s the one I’ve been working on, then will add it to the home page (Don’t want to create instance because home page nav needs a transparent background)

I figured this out. The issue was that the hamburger was a lottie and adding some sort of padding for some reason. All I did was put it into a div block that was the correct amount of pixels so the padding is hidden.