Burger menu not aligned to the right on mobile

Guyz, has anyone experienced that: The burger menu is perfectly aligned on the right side of the screen on mobile preview, however when I open the website link published on Staging from a real phone the menu is not pushed to the right, but more like in the middle.

Does anybody know how to fix that?

Read-only: Webflow - Slogan Social

Staging: https://slogan-social.webflow.io/

Screenshot from a phone:

Hmm, seems like a safari issue. If you have a mac you could inspect the source code & know for sure.

But from looking at it on my phone it seems like horizontal width or padding was added inside the lottie icon. Try setting a max width to the lottie element.

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Thank you, Luke. A max width setting didn’t help. Had to build the nav bar from scratch and somehow the thing got fixed :person_shrugging: :man_surfing: