Nav bar not changing to hamburger menu on mobile

Hi All,

I don’t know how to add the read-only thing it’s asking me for, but I’m really struggling to work out what’s going wrong here. I design in the mobile/ tablet break points that the menu should be the hamburger one, but in reality the mobile version looks nothing like the preview, and still has the destop nav bar! Please help me!

Hi @JuliaDuuoo, that is really strange!

Are you sure you’ve published that menu button change? I’m looking at the code on and I don’t see the data attribute that Webflow adds for the responsive menu.

Hi again @Blakelam, I realised that for some reason I had unchecked the ‘publish to domain’ option on the publish menu, so the changes were made in webflow BUT not on the site! Thanks for prompting me to check what was happening when I publish. I’m mega-embarrased but perhaps this will help someone else, so I’ll leave it up! :woman_facepalming:Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 08.26.39

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